The Shopper Report is a monthly Consumer Network report on American shopper perceptions, trends, frustrations, and unmet needs. It is based on primary research with a national shopper panel established and conducted by The Consumer Network. Most of the material published in The Shopper Report is based on direct feedback from shoppers responding to monthly Consumer Network Satisfaction Polls.

The Shopper Report is published eleven times a year since 1980. Subscribers include retailers, packagers, manufacturers, advertising agencies, trade associations and Consumer Network panelists who want to receive every issue. Publications that quote Shopper Report findings include the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, Family Circle, Dairy Deli Bakery Digest, Supermarket Business, Supermarket News, Discount Store News, and the Washington Post.

Anticipated Spending Oct. '01
Better Complaints By Email Feb. '01
Clothes That Fit Nov. '01
Comfort From Campbell Soup? Nov. '01
Current Concerns Dec. '01
Does Branding Help? Apr. '01
Easier Check Out Nov. '01
Easier Is Still Better Nov. '01
Engaging Single Shoppers July/Aug. '01
Family Size Meat Marketing June. '01
Farther Out Food and Drinks Feb. '01
Fast, Casual, Fun July/Aug. '01
Feeling Safe Nov. '01
Feeling The Slow Down Mar. '01
Fine Dining Falls Short With Females Jun. '01
Flavor-Tropic Consumers Jan. '01
FMI Feedback Jun. '01
Food Shopping Nov. '01
Food, Foodies, Fooding Mar. '01
Forget Boiling Water May. '01
How Consumers Are Faring Apr. '01
How Store Brand Perishables Measure Up Jun. '01
In The Aftershock Oct. '01
Irradiation Now? Apr. '01
Job & Money Worries Loom Large Dec. '01
Life-Stress Show Case Feb. '01
Little Things Mean A Lot Oct. '01
Loyalty Card Expose Jun. '01
Making A Living Nov. '01
Meat Scares Apr. '01
Need for Ad Translators Apr. '01
On The Go Mar. '01
Poor Service Moves Upscale Feb. '01
Quality and Packaging Ratings Jul/Aug. '01
Safer Investments Nov. '01
Spice Odyssey Jan. '01
Store Brand Push Alarm Mar. '01
Stores Worth Loving Dec. '01
Tall Toddlers, Shrinking Seniors May. '01
The Bowl Roll May. '01
The Current Brand Challenge Jan. '01
The Ghost of Christmas Past Jan. '01
The Importance of Being Clean Dec. '01
The Moving Food Bar May. '01
The New Normal Oct. '01
The New Value Challenges Oct. '01
The Passionate Opposition Apr. '01
The Target Buzz Dec. '01
The Ten Best Loved Store Categories Dec. '01
Thoughts About Buying Nov. '01
Time, Work and $ For Non-Foods Jun. '01
Time, Work and Money May. '01
Today's Convenience Mar. '01
Top Shopping Frustrations Oct. '01
Turned Off Apr. '01
Unexciting Merchandise Apr. '01
What About Tamper Evident Packaging? Apr. '01
What's Wrong With Our Food? Jul/Aug. '01







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